Thursday, June 8, 2023

1984 Fleer Update (TCDB trade with Cmm75)

I love early-1980s Fleer. I've completed all of the sets and am mostly through the sticker/stamp sets from the era. One set that has always eluded me is the fairly rare 1984 Fleer Update set. I don't think it had a large print run or distribution, and there were some big rookies (Clemens, Gooden, Puckett) so I'd never had a single card from the set. I put the whole set on my TCDB wantlist and Cmm75 made me a trade offer for most of the set (113/132 cards). No big stars, obviously, and no Tigers as he's a Tigers fan who was breaking up his set. That was fine with me, I like sets like these more for the common cards anyway.

There weren't any really quirky or unusual photos, but a lot of nice shots which capture the feeling of early-80s baseball, especially the workout time before a game. I found plenty of cards that interested me that I wanted to highlight.

Lots of Dodger Stadium cards in this set which GCRL must enjoy. I bet he also likes the 1984 Olympics patch on Bob Bailor here. I don't recall seeing that one before.

I like spring training backgrounds where it looks like there is a house in the background.
This is a simple shot but I like it. A little different take on the traditional catcher shot. Also, a 1984 Fleer Jim Essian card was once one of the oldest cards in my collection, and one of very few cards that I owned of a player who was done playing before I started following baseball, so his cards, especially that '84 Fleer, always seem a little exotic to me.
Looks like Wrigley, but it's some kind of Florida foliage in spring training.
Another interesting Dodger Stadium. I wonder who is the Dodger fraternizing with the enemy in the Cubs dugout.
Nobody wrote on this card. All copies have the X by Leach's right hand. Some stray mark that made it past the editor.
Some extreme choking up. Today's ballplayers wouldn't be caught dead doing this.
Al Oliver with the SCOOP necklace (his nickname).
Topps featured this mountain a lot on cards, but I think this might be the most mountain I've seen on a card.
People criticize the lighting on the old Fleer cards, I guess this would be an example but I like it. Swan ended his career with just two games for the Angels.
Finally, just a nice overall card to end out the set. Hatless player (I believe Night Owl has pointed out that the Orioles had a lot more hatless cards than other teams) and great view of the fans at the ballpark early. RIP to Young who died last week at the age of 63.


  1. I don't think I've ever held one of those 1984 Fleer Update sets, but I do own the Puckett, Clemens, and Rose from the set. I'd love to eventually add the Gooden... but that won't happen unless it's super cheap.

    As for 1984 Fleer as a whole, I have always liked the design. The problem was I didn't see a lot of this stuff in stores as a kid. I opened way more packs of 84 Topps and Donruss back then.

  2. I had forgot that Al Oliver was still playing in '84.