Sunday, June 4, 2023

Contest winnings from Johnny

I was able to secure another win in the daily contest at Johnny's Trading Spot.

These three finish off my 1990 Fleer All Star Team set, the first of these Fleer insert sets that I've completed. It's not a coincidence, this was based off a comment I made on another post a while back.

Everything else in the PWE came from the high-end 2022 Panini Capstone set. Here are what I assume are base cards, as well as a Gerrit Cole insert with the same photo as the base card.
These great-looking shiny cards are, I assume, some kind of parallel to the base cards. All very nice looking cards.


  1. They are all base except the Velo. Capstone has tiers and the cards change from one to the other. There are parallels too, blue, red, etc...

  2. I think the first Fleer All-Star set I completed was 1988, but I think the 1990 is a lot more attractive.

  3. That prism effect that you captured on the cards in the last photo is pretty neat.