Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Vintage backgrounds: Yankee Stadium stands

Another well-known card from 1971 Topps is Cookie Rojas, with the great view of the old Yankee Stadium background. You can read more about the game at a Fangraphs Card Corner article. The Yankees won the game by the 5-1 score you can see here. What is most striking, though, is how empty Yankee Stadium is for a mid-August Sunday afternoon game. Only 13,200 attended the game, and not too many were sitting in the hot outfield bleachers. It was 93°, the fifth straight 90+ day, so perhaps it is not surprising to see multiple fans in tank-top undershirts. Bleacher tickers were $1.50.
 Meanwhile, the expensive seats were only $4.00, not a lot of money even in 1970. You can see here though (different game, obviously) that the fans in this part of the ballpark are much more well-dressed. (This game may have been April or July)

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