Thursday, February 6, 2020

Ten Cards from Nine Pockets

I did another in-person trade yesterday with Greg of Nine Pockets. I gave him a few dozen cards for his 1990 Topps setbuild. He's down to needing two more cards - anyone have #598 (Brady Anderson) and #782 (Jose Alvarez) for him?

In return he gave me almost half my needs for the '76 Topps set:
I'm down to needing just 13 more:
1 (Aaron record breaker), 7 (Jim Umbarger), 19 (George Brett), 34 (Mike Garman), 80 (Jim Kaat), 203 (NL Strikeout Leaders), 316 (Robin Yount), 359 (Rick Reuschel), 380 (Bobby Bonds), 402 (Don Money), 405 (Rollie Fingers), 599 (Ron Guidry rookie), 654 (Doug Griffin)

He also remembered my post of the penny-sleeves pack with the Cheap Johns sticker and gave me these:
A penny-sleeve pack and a hockey card wrapper with stickers from BC Sports Collectables. BC was a card store on Long Island in the Source Mall, a now near-empty mall (I posted a wallet-card photo with their Circuit City sign last year). I'm pretty sure I'd been in the store back in the 1990s/early 2000s but I don't think I bought anything. I am still interested in collecting ephemera from defunct stores, if they either were a major regional/national chain or were located in Long Island or NYC.

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  1. Thanks for the set help, Bo! I'll keep an eye out for more ephemera for you.