Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Mighty PWE

Should PWE be pronounced "Pee-Wee"? Not when it comes from Bob of The Best Bubble. His are always mighty. Here is what he sent me this week, in exchange for some cards for his mini-collections:

A couple of early '70s semi-high-numbers
 Some mid-70s Hostess goodies, including a "Rickey" Reuschel error card
 Two '75 minis, a 1974 TCMA Gashouse Gang card, and a 1988 Topps Mini Leaders card that knocks off one of my last two needs for that set. Anyone have #76 RICK Reuschel to trade?


  1. Love the powder blue unis from the 1970s. I know that several teams have brought them back, but they do not look as good. I also like the League Leader mini. I have never put any of those sets together, but really like those cards.

  2. Great cardboard! Got the package today, I'll put a return together. Thanks.

  3. That sure was a punchy little PWE! Love the '76 Yaz.

  4. Would that mean that Night Owl wants peewees of Pee Wees?