Monday, June 10, 2019

Vintage backgrounds: Al Lopez Field and Mary Carter Paint

Pete Rose's 1967 card has a great background with signage from the old Al Lopez Field in Tampa (now the site of Raymond James Stadium). One of the signs says Rambler - perhaps and AMC ad? Even more interesting is the yellow sign next to the Rambler, just over Rose's right shoulder.
You get a much better look on Don Nottebart's card: "It's a Double! Buy Two and Save". The ad is for Mary Carter Paint, which was a national chain of paint stores that by this time was diversifying heavily into real estate and other ventures. In 1968 the company changed its name to Resorts International, and became a major casino operator in Atlantic City and the Bahamas. Another of its holdings was a private security corporation whose clients included Howard Hughes and the Shah of Iran. To this day there are many who believe that both Mary Carter Paint and Resorts International were laundering money for the CIA and possibly also the Mafia.


  1. Is their really a difference between the CIA and the Mafia? Why, yes I say.... The Mafia ran things better.

  2. I'm not normally all that interested in what's happening in the background, but being a lover of historical shady doings, it was cool to see that Mary Carter Paint ad... now I've got to go see if I have that card or not!