Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wallet Card with some vintage buses

Just like last year, I was able to check out some of the vintage buses that the MTA rolls out for a couple of weeks every December. It's fun to see buses that have been out of service for decades suddenly reappear on active duty.

Bus #3100 - the General Motors TDH-5106 was introduced in 1956. This particular bus was actually a demo bus (which may explain why it has stayed in such good shape over the last 60 years). This was the first air-conditioned bus in New York City. Fifth Avenue Coach Lines was a private bus company that ran in Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester from 1896 to 1962, when bus operations were taken over by the city.

Bus #9098 - Just like last year, I was only able to get a couple of brief shots of this 1958 version of the TDH-5106. Elusive bus - my guess is that its not in as good a shape as some of the others so can't be on the road that much.

Bus # 8466 is a 1966 General Motors TDH-5303. Note the ad on the side for the musical Chorus Line and the logo for the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, which would later be replaced on active buses by the MTA logo.

Bus #5227 - I didn't see this one last year. I don't know if it wasn't out or if I just missed it because with the white color it blends in with modern buses. It is a  1970 General Motors T6H-5305A, the last non-wheelchair accessible bus to operate for NYC Transit, pulled from service in 1993. The sign for ALCC English language school, with its web address, is a current ad. A 2007 flickr photo of the bus shows it with an ad for the 1993 movie Made in America.

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