Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Holiday PWE from Baseball Card Breakdown

I was one of those fortunate to receive a generous PWE from Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown. Lots of cool stuff inside:

Some cards from New York teams.
 Gavin knows I collect cards from all teams, and he's always got some extra Padres oddballs to throw my way. The Mark Parent card is from Coca-Cola Classic and 7-Eleven. On the right is a Topps stamp that is as old as the Padres - 1969. I had to look up Larry Stahl - he is the guy whose walk broke up Milt Pappas's perfect game.
 Gavin always includes some great customs. This great Mattingly card is very much appreciated.
 I got one of those awesome rip cards that he's been including in these packages. What was inside?
 This amazing magnet featuring Derek Jeter's home run on the first pitch of Game 4 of the 2000 World Series. Most of my baseball cards are on metal shelving units (the kind you buy in Home Depot) and this magnet will go nicely on there with a Don Mattingly/Simpsons magnet I got from Gavin a couple of years ago.
Thanks Gavin!

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