Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wallet Card at Yankee Stadium

Usually when I go to Yankee Stadium I sit in the cheap seats, but last night I got to go to a game in a corporate suite, thanks to a vendor that does work for my company. It's a nice setup with a room with couches, a kitchen and bathroom, basically a hotel room without a bed, and covered seats outside the room. Even better the seats, though outdoors, were air-conditioned which was nice in the heat wave we are having here in New York.

The game itself was quite exciting. The Yankees left 14 men on base and only scored one run but managed to win because rookie Chad Green was brilliant (six shutout innings, 11 Ks) as were Tyler Clippard and Adam Warren. Dellin Betances looked awful but great plays by Mark Teixeira and especially Chase Headley (turned a line drive by Edwin Encarnaion that looked sure to tie the game into a game-ending double play) bailed him out.

Aaron Judge continues to be amazing - no home runs but he drove in the game's only run with a double. I don't have any cards of him or Green - anyone have some to trade? Judge is probably the next Kevin Maas/Shane Spencer/Shelley Duncan but he sure is fun to watch right now.

I managed to snap a quick wallet-card photo from my seat before the game. The Yankees are now 5-0 in two seasons that wallet card has been there.

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  1. So you got to see the continuing inability for the Jays to score for Dickey.