Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown sent me a big package for a trade/purge where I sent him a few cards for his PCs and he send back a big box of cards that he was trying to get rid of. I collect everything so I was happy to get those unwanted Padres, Devil Rays and other weird stuff that can be hard to move when the blogosphere is mostly team collectors for a handful of teams. Some highlights:

Gavin is a Padres fan but not a Padres collector, but I guess people keep giving him lots of Padres cards. I'm happy to take cards from any team so these fit in my collection just fine.
 These days there are lots of baseball cards that aren't of a particular team, like this shiny WBC card. Hard to believe Lazo is only 33 on this card - he looks much older.
 Like always there were some of Gavin's neat customs. This is undoubtedly the closest I'll get to a Mike Reinbach card - very cool.
 No Rays collectors in the blogosphere means getting a nice shiny jersey card.
 There were lots of non-sports cards from Allen & Ginter in the package, including three of the four Impractical Jokers (just missing Joe Gatto). It's one of the few TV shows I watch and I think it's really funny, though I'm not sure how much people from outside the NY area would appreciate it.

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  1. Glad it arrived ok (I used some abandoned postage I found a couple years ago) and that there were a few cards in there you could use!