Thursday, August 18, 2016

More street packs

I picked up five packs from Baby Starks yesterday for five bucks. They were still pretty good but noticeably less newer cards this time around. All in all there were about 110 cards, of which I needed just over half. I think I'm going to restrain myself to one or two a week from him, unless I see something really great.

Some highlights from these:
Still some 2014/2015 Bowmans in these but not nearly the volume there had been. There were two copies of this great beard card so one is up for trade.
 I did not yet have this great hair card, though I had seen it on a bunch of blogs.
 One nice thing about these packs is that the star cards are not pulled out, so I am able to get some cards that would otherwise be hard to acquire at these prices.
 Best card in this set was this shiny, numbered card of Matt DeSalvo, who was a Yankee prospect ten years ago.

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