Friday, August 12, 2016

Trade with This Way to the Clubhouse

Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse took a lot of the Mets I had gotten in that recent haul and in reeturn sent an awesome trade package - all high-end stuff, lots of parallels, SPs, shiny cards, etc. Many Yankees. Here are some highlights:

This was my favorite card in the trade. I was surprised it was Bowman, their cards are usually pretty boring looking. This one is really spectacular.
 This is more like what you expect a Bowman card to look like. I have most of the no-names in this set - cool to get a Brett Gardner rookie.
 Hopefully I'll feel similar about this Gary Sanchez rookie. He's off to a good first week or so with the Yankees.
 This shiny Randy Johnson card appears to be a night card. Two Yankee Stadium employees are very prominent in the background.
 Another cool shiny card with lots of floating heads.
 Vintage designs are fun, but even better when they are gold and shiny.
 Finally one more shiny card - almost looks like fireworks going off behind him.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the loot! Good observation regarding Bowman inserts.