Thursday, August 4, 2016

Street box trade

My street baseball card vendor had been working on another box for me for a while, but wasn't getting that far with it, so he gave it to me yesterday and said instead of money just give him a few cards next time I see him. He asked particularly about Graig Nettles so I'm giving him an '84 Topps Nettles plus a few other good Yankee and Met cards.

I was expecting the box to just be junk wax and Fleer Tradition like the others, but there was quite a bit more. A few highlights:

I had just written about Jose Canseco cards, including the unlicensed ones, over at the Hall of Very Good. Fun to then get this card right after.
 Great shot at Julio Franco's unique batting stance. Before he became famous for being old, his batting stance was his big claim to baseball fame.
 There were quite a few Yankees which was nice to see.
 Lots to trade from this box and not all junk wax. Plenty of early-80s Topps, Donruss and Fleer plus some other stuff too. I have it already but I really like this "Ouch!" card.


  1. Good stuff. I have several Nettles cards I could throw in with your next mailing if you like, though they're mostly from his time on the Padres, so might not be as desirable to your guy.

  2. Love the Ouch! card. Haven't seen that card in years... and completely forgot about it. I really miss those Fleer Super Star Special cards from the 80's.