Monday, December 28, 2015

Wallet Card with some vintage buses

Every December the MTA rolls out real vintage buses to run on the M42 route along 42nd street. It is much more fun to see these out and about doing what they were supposed to do, rather than just collecting dust in a museum. I was fortunate to be able to photograph several of these in action.

Bus #3100 - the General Motors TDH-5106 was introduced in 1956. This particular bus was actually a demo bus (which may explain why it has stayed in such good shape over the last 60 years). This was the first air-conditioned bus in New York City. Most of these pictures were taken while the bus was parked at Herald Square, but I was able to catch it on the road briefly later on.

Bus #9098 - I was only able to get a couple of brief shots of this 1958 version of the TDH-5106.
Bus # - 4727 This is a Flxible 111CC-D5-1 from 1969. These ran through the early 1980s.

  Note the sign for the 15 cent fare.
Bus #100. A 1959 General Motors TDH-5301.
Bus # 8466is a 1966 General Motors TDH-5303. Note the ad on the side for the musical Chorus Line and the logo for the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, which would later be replaced on active buses by the MTA logo.


  1. What a fascinating concept. I wish that Chicago would consider this with the CTA - it'd be an excellent learning opportunity.

  2. Love the retro buses. Didn't get to catch any this year or the vintage subway.