Monday, September 7, 2015

Trade with Bob Walk the Plank

Recently I sent a few random base Penguins cards to Bob Walk the Plank. He sent me three awesome Yankee cards in return.

The package came two days before I went to see Ivan Nova pitch in person. This card must have brought good luck because Nova pitched well enough to get the win. This really is a nice patch card with the three different colors, and being numbered 15/15 is neat as well. If he had pitched poorly I would have thought it might not be a bad idea to put the unlucky shirt in the shredder and mail the pieces to Donruss. Actually it would be cool if any player did that after a bad game.
 This is a beautiful shiny card of a great Yankee in one of my favorite recent sets. Numbered 36/44 so quite low too.
 This beauty is also a very low number, 17/25. He's a bit under-appreciated now but Rickey was a great Yankee in his relatively brief time with the team.