Saturday, September 19, 2015

Baseball card stories from Marlin McPhail

Outfielder-third baseman Marlin McPhail played ten seasons of professional baseball, mostly in the Mets and White Sox organizations. In 874 games he hit .279 with 53 HR and 360 RBI. A longtime Mets scout, he has signed several major leaguers, most notably Matt Harvey. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I was a fairly avid card collector as a kid.  However I certainly didn't collect them with the thought they would be worth something in the future.  It was all about trying to get your favorite player. We used the cards. Playing match(flip) or knock down trying to get more cards.  A gamble but fun nonetheless. And always looking for the right trade with my duplicates for rarer cards, or in other words the ones we just didn't see much of!  The gum was also a big draw buying a pack of cards.

After my minor league career and having established a relationship with a Topps rep, I tried to secure full sets for my kids.  Kept it up for about a dozen years or so.   I have picked up some random cards here and there in the last 10 years but no longer "collect".

My most interesting card story that involves one of my cards is really not "my" card.  Back when I was with the White Sox, I was a non roster invitee to Spring Training. An up and coming RHP was Adam Peterson.  His 1990-91 Baseball's 100 Hottest rookie card with Score actually used my photo on the back! 
My personal Favorite card of myself was my last card in 1991 with Indianapolis Indians.  The Line-Drive Pre-rookie version.  Thought it was well done and they gave us the freedom to pose how we wanted.
Lastly, I have lots of cards of favorite players but my pride and joy is my two Mike Schmidt rookie cards.  One for each of my children to have when I pass down my collection to them!"
Thanks! I don't have the Line Drive card, but here is one I do have from ProCards.

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  1. Based on the uniform, it looks like the Indianapolis card was taken when they were an Expos farm team