Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Danny Payne on baseball cards

Outfielder Danny Payne played five seasons in the Padres organization. In 435 ganes he hit .238 with 25 HR and 193 RBI. Now the owner of Georgia Baseball Academy, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.
"I grew up collecting baseball cards from a young age. Because I was such a baseball fan from early on (in the middle of the Braves division title runs) my parents used them as an avenue to help me learn to read and understand rudimentary math skills. From there I quickly became an avid collector and organizing my collections by players and Beckett worth (I still have the 100th anniversary collectors edition with Jackie Robinson on the cover). I eventually settled on Ken Griffey Jr. as the player I wanted to collect and I still have my Griffey collection to this day with my two favorite cards being his 89 Upperdeck Rookie Card and a Jackie Robinson insert collectors card where he's wearing #42.I even named my dog Griffey. I would say that seeing my first Bowman Rookie cards ranks as one of my favorite adult memories and a surreal moment that I'll never forget!"


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