Sunday, April 3, 2011

I brought the Yankees bad luck

Went to Yankee Stadium today and witnessed the Yankees' first loss of the season. Should have known it would be a bad game when right before the first pitch when a guy threw up all over the stairs and some fans in my section. Fortunately I was behind the culprit and avoided the spray. Then the game started and while the custodian was cleaning it up some brilliant tourists from Detroit decided to stand up in front of everyone and take a picture of it. Just as well, really, as it blocked my view of one of the many Detroit home runs. Hughes, Colon and Chamberlain were pretty much just throwing batting practice today. The Yankees hit some too, but it was not enough. Not too often you see the home team hit four home runs and lose.

Jorge Posada is the perfect symbol of this game - he hit two home runs, and then in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the tying run on deck, he stupidly swung at a 3-1 pitch and popped it up to end the game.

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  1. Please continue to attend every single game so the Yankees will keep losing.

    Lol jk.