Monday, October 12, 2009


What a great pitching performance by Andy Pettitte, outdueling Carl Pavano (!) in a tight game to win his record-tying 15th postseason game, as the Yanks won their first playoff series in five years. I thought he was washed up last year; I'm glad to be proven wrong.

Here's Pettitte in 1995 Stadium Club. I wouldn't say he's old, but he pitched in the same starting rotation as Melido Perez!

The Twinkies proved to be cream puffs, but the Angels are probably the team the Yankees match up worst against. They're going to need everything to go right to win this one.

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  1. hahaha nice Melido Perez reference.

    On a side note, you write one of my favorite blogs, yet are a die hard Yankees fan. Who woulda thunk it?