Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baseball card stories from Rob Murphy

Rob Murphy pitched eleven seasons in the major leagues for the Reds, Red Sox, Mariners, Astros, Cardinals, Yankees, Dodgers and Marlins. He now runs a horse-racing business, M375 Thoroughbreds. He kindly replied to my request for some baseball card stories.

"My favorite card story involves the 1992 Astros Bullpen Coach, Stretch Suba. Someone had altered about 10 cards of other players to make them Stretch's. My 1989 Upper Deck card was changed to Rob Suba. It got a lot of laughs in our clubhouse.

My favorite card of myself is my 1990 Upper Deck card. It is a picture of me using a laptop computer in the dugout. The picture was taken by the Upper Deck photographer while I was doing a shoot for PC Laptop Magazine. The computer was sent to me by NEC so that it would appear in the magazine. Notice the size of the was a luggable at best."

Thanks! Astute baseball card blog readers will remember that this card used to be the masthead for Dinged Corners - now we know the backstory!

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