Thursday, March 4, 2021

Cards from The Collector

The Collector is working on his 2010s Topps setbuilds. I sent him a few and he sent back a few hits to some of my setbuilds.

'94 Fleer and '91 Studio are both sets where I am down to about a dozen needs each, pretty much all big names like these.

Some more recent Topps and UD needs. Its not often that I say this but I think I like the Mets card best here, it has a pretty good action shot plus a good look at the fans in the background.


  1. Happy to help, I'm sure your PWE will be waiting for me when I get home.

    I worked for a law firm that handled debt collection and LoDuca owed them quite a chunk of change. Gambling debt, I think. Hopefully they collected it by now lol. 

  2. It looks like Randy is actually attempting to smile... and it's kind of disturbing!

  3. Hey Bo, what year is that Lincecum Upper Deck? That’s one I need to hunt down.