Friday, March 26, 2021

Cardboard Cousins: 1971 Topps/2002 UD Vintage

 In 2002 Upper Deck ripped off the '71 Topps set for their design. #130 features a couple of Astros in similar poses. Both Denis Menke and Moises Alou made the All-Star team twice in their Astros tenure. In 1969, Menke became the first Astro to have a season of at least 500 plate appearances while walking exactly as many times as he struck out (87). Alou later equaled that feat in 2001 (57).


  1. i loved the 2002 vintage set even though it was a ripoff. this was one of the releases that i thought upper deck tried to avoid the "topps rip-off" assertion by using o-pee-chee elements (the backs are yellow). i don't recall when upper deck acquired the o-pee-chee brand, but it was a weak argument regardless. assuming that was their argument.

  2. At least it was slightly different with the text at the bottom - unlike UD's attempts at '63 and '65 Topps.