Saturday, March 13, 2021

Bob and Jim

Jon of Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts is collecting every copy of the 1961 Topps Billy Muffett card. I got one in a recent purchase and sent it his way. In return he sent me two very nice 1958 cards. Bob Taylor and Jim Bolger - two midwestern guys on midwestern teams. Taylor is a rookie card of a guy who played 11 years in the majors. 


  1. At least these two have the old-timey logos.

    I'll have to check his blog for why he cares about the Muffett.

  2. 1958 - one of my fave Topps designs! You are racking up the vintage trades!

  3. I really like the Bob Taylor, his image/pose would've looked a lot better on a '57 though.