Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cards and vintage things: August 28 thru September 3, 1966

Peggy's Lunch was a restaurant in Dallastown, PA, in the southeastern part of the state. I don't know what "Yankee Dugout" was but it ran from August 28 through September 3, 1966.

During the week of "Yankee Dugout" the biggest world news was in China, where hundreds were killed by the government sanctioned Red Guards. In the US, Constance Baker Motley of New York was confirmed by the US Senate as the first Black female federal judge, while Alabama Governor George Wallace signed into law a bill to prevent Alabama schools from accepting federal funding for desegregation.

"Yankee Dugout" took place in Phillies territory. It was a good week for the team, who won five of the seven games to improve to 74-64, still only good for fourth place in a tough National League. Jim Bunning was masterful, with two complete game victories that week - 5-1 against the Giants on the 29th and a 6-0 shutout at Shea Stadium on September 2nd.


  1. You mention to major world events of that week, and you don't even include that the last day of the period was the birth hehe.

  2. It's sad to think how little has changed in China as far as the CCP goes since then.