Friday, March 5, 2021

Cards and Vintage Things: May 20-22, 1965

May 20-22, 1965 were pretty quiet news days, other than a plane crash in Egypt and unrest in the Dominican Republic.

Perhaps things were a little more exciting in Buck Hill Falls, PA, where the United States Trademark Association (now the International Trademark Association) held their annual meeting, re-electing Johnson & Johnson's Chief Trademark Counsel, Norman St. Landau as chairman. St. Landau was an attorney at J&J from 1942 to 1984.

This matchbook was courtesy of the Trademark Bureau, the trademark searching service of Diamond National Corporation. The producers of Diamond Matches, America's oldest existing match manufacturer, had expanded into a conglomerate with holdings in a variety of industries - mostly manufacturing, but apparently also trademark searching. 

Diamond's address was 733 Third Avenue, in midtown Manhattan. Perhaps some of the Diamond reps were Yankee fans? The Yankees had stumbled to a 13-19 start to the season, but took two out of three at Yankee Stadium during the USTA meeting, beating Boston on Thursday, losing to the Senators on Friday night but winning on Saturday afternoon. Leadoff man Phil Linz was the Yankees' big bat during those games, getting five hits and scoring five runs.

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  1. Aviation disasters aren't really my thing, but I am gonna have to read more about that plane crash.