Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Shiny and more shiny

 I picked some more of A Cracked Bat's generous pockets and got a dazzling array of cards. These are mostly Yankees, but all have shiny elements. Some days I'm into dirty old vintage cards; some days I like dazzling new cards that shift color at every angle.

These car could fit into two categories. Shiny . . . 

And more shiny! My favorite is the 2020 Prizm Gio Urshela. I don't know if that is a parallel or base card (my Panini knowledge is quite limited) but it caught my eye immediately and I think it's fantastic.


  1. Before I zoomed in on the second set of cards, I thought the top middle really looked like a 90s insert. And it was, lol.

  2. glad you love 'em! Gio is a white wave parallel. I bought a big fat lot of them to give away cuz I liked them so much!

  3. Shiny can be just as fun as old and dirty!