Monday, September 28, 2020

Forties Card Friday

 Jon of Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts, the father of Free Card Friday, had another of his generous giveaways last week. I was very happy to claim a 1949 Bowman card of Emil Verban. I have a few 1930s matchbook "cards" and that Warren Spahn Exhibits "card" from Johnny that is probably a 1948, but this is now my oldest card that is clearly a baseball card, and nothing else.

Nice front - the red background really pops.

The back is as much fun as the front. I love the 12/31/49 expiration date. I also love the "New York 46" post code. I looked up the PO Box and in the early 60s it was used by Jack August Seafood, a New England chain of food products and restaurants.


  1. Very nice. Jon sent me a 1950 Bowman. Now my second oldest card.

  2. Nice pick-up! And oh, by the way - another vote arrived this weekend! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think I could've just sent the back of the card, and you would've been okay with it :)