Friday, August 14, 2020

Spahn from John

 Exhibit A of why you should join the Big Fun Games at Johnny's Trading Spot (go sign up!). In this month's round I won this Exhibits card of all-time great Warren Spahn. It's tough to date Exhibits precisely (the sets were printed from 1947-1966 without year markings), but based on this Sports Collectors Digest article reprinted on, the size and printing of "MADE IN U.S.A" would seem to indicate that this was from the 1948 set. That would make this my first card from the 1940s and my oldest card that is not a matchbook. It's also my first ever playing-days cards of Warren Spahn, whose 363 wins are sixth all-time. Truly a fantastic addition to my vintage collection. Thanks Johnny!

(My picture didn't come out great - there is much more of a red tone on the actual card, not truly black-and-white.)


  1. It's a great looking card, and I momentarily gave thought to stealing it from you! ;)

  2. I was told that this particular Spahn was from 1956. Spahn's rookie cards are the 48' Bowman & Leaf cards. I believe there is a 1947 Tip Top Bread card with him on it with other pitchers.