Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Big '67 lot

 With cards of all kinds going for more these days on eBay, I'm amazed I was able to snag a pretty good lot of '67s for a good price. 145 cards (a small number of duplicates) for about $25 shipped. My 1967 set is kind of weird because I have a lot of the high numbers but still need a lot of the lower numbers. I needed over 50 of these cards (still have to update the wantlist).

Here are some highlights of the new cards. Some big names including some high-profile Yankees.

A few more. The Killebrew is the biggest new name to add. Nice to snag it so cheaply. A lot of these cards look better on the front then they do on the back, quite a few have small amounts of paper loss on the back, including the Killebrew, but that's OK with me.

So yes, I have almost 100 new 1967s to trade! I still have to update my tradelist but if you are working on a '67 set let me know.  Again highlighting some of the bigger names.

Some more. Not clear from the picture but Uecker is missing a corner. Alston is a bit mildewy. Most of the others are all right though.

No true high-numbers but these three are all in the 500s. A couple of big names here! I'd definitely like to get something pretty good for the Marichal.


  1. Good for you!

    Yes, I'm working on the '67 set. Not sure if I have stuff to trade as we recently completed a deal. As you know I'm somewhat condition conscious.

  2. Like NO, I'm building it too with EX or NM condition a preference. I still need a bunch.