Friday, August 7, 2020

Free Card Friday

 I mentioned a while back doing a Free Card Friday myself, as I had taken advantage of so many others. The issue is that I don't have the kind of cool stuff to just give away like so many others of you do. Still, I was able to find some cards that some of you might enjoy getting. Lots of photos below. Do pay attention to the captions as sometimes there are extra cards to give away that are not shown. I am only sending out PWEs so please limit your selections to 15 per person. Thanks!

I had gotten a comment that people will take anything given away for free, even a 1988 Topps Greg Minton. I have two here to give away, one mint, the other a little banged up.

Some non-sport sets. For all sets here except Adventure Time, if you want a different card then what is featured here, I can throw one in for you.

Same for these sets, except for the NASCAR.
Some random NBA cards. Anyone else wants a random basketball card, let me know.
Vintage Football I
Vintage Football II. Anyone wants another random card from these sets, let me know.
Modern football
A&G. One base card and three minis.
Non-baseball A&G I
Non-baseball A&G II
What do three 1976 Funky Facts cards and a '91 UD Tom Glavine have in common? I have so many copies of all four that anyone who wants one can have.
Random modern baseball
US Masterpieces - retired HOFers
Random fan favorites. Note that Palmeiro and Bonilla are OPC.
HOFers, mostly 1990s.
Six mini HOFers and a Bernie Williams. Saw him the other day on the YES network. He has a white beard now!
Modern Junk Wax HOFers.
A few random hockey cards.

Finally, the vintage baseball. Heavily marked down because they're heavily marked up!


  1. Nuke Laloosh Topps
    Brooks Robinson Masterpiece
    Justin Verlander SP.


  2. Can I have the Younts, Bagwell 93 Leaf, Chuck Foreman, Freddie Freeman NBCD, Garnet Exelby, Shawn Johnson, and the Bernie Zenith? Thanks!

  3. I'll claim the Winfield UK Mini, Masterpiece Yaz, Dick Williams, and Mike Andrews please and thank you!

  4. May I claim the Mainstays Hardaway, the MVP Payton, the Fred Dryer (if you have any vintage Bears I'd take one), the Bigfoot and Einstein, the Fleer Bonds, the Masterpiece Sandberg, the SP Frank Thomas, the Pujols Future Stars, and the vintage Stoneman and Holtzman? I can e-mail you my address later today. Thank you for your generosity!

  5. Those marked up vintage cards are awesome. Gold star for dick Allen. I'd like the vince ferragamo card. Maybe we can work it in to a bigger trade?

  6. I'd be interested in these:
    Maris mini
    Killebrew masterpiece
    Alomar 88 Donruss
    Finest Canseco

    Thanks Bo!

  7. Hey.

    Fred Dryer, Woolworth Schmidt, Trevor Hoffman, Bagwell and Yount from that same group. Please.


  8. I'd be quite happy to take the Seaver Play Ball, the Brett "Career Salute" (not the 1990 Topps, I have that), and the Pujols Toppstown. And go ahead and toss one of those UD Glavines in if you have extra. Thanks!

  9. Could I claim Rudy and Revis, please?

  10. Can I get the random hockey cards and the key to the city Roy/Helton. Thanks

    1. Can you email me your address? Thanks

    2. Can't use e-mail system either

      Al Kawamoto
      30 Heath St
      Brantford, ON Canada
      N3T 0G4


    3. OK because you have a Canadian address you'll have to wait until next time i go to the post office; as you've seen from my blog I'm not going until pandemic is over. I'll hang onto your cards until then.