Thursday, August 6, 2020

Two Acunas lead to some interesting baseball card history

My Bingo Prize from Johnny's Trading Spot this month was two cards of Braves star Ronald Acuna.
The red bordered one is from a set I was not familiar with - the Topps "582 Montgomery" set. The set's name refers to the Brooklyn address of the first headquarters of Topps, and the set uses a variety of never-used vintage Topps designs. I was interested to find out more of the history of these designs. The Topps website for 582 Montgomery didn't have much, but I came across two blogs I wasn't familiar with before - Cards that Never Were and Topps Archives - that have a lot of information about unused Topps designs. I've just started checking them out - should be fun and interesting reads.

(This was my first post on the new Blogger interface. After seeing all the negative reaction I was expecting something terrible, but this didn't seem very much different? Maybe because I post from my computer, not a phone.)

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