Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Cardboard cousins: '66 Topps/'15 Heritage

 I have quite a lot of both of these sets. Most cards did not match up but some of them matched up quite well!

#74 A's Pitchers. OK not a ton of similarity, and they couldn't even get the colors right, but you don't see a face like that on a ballplayer anymore.

#80 Phillies 3Bmen. Just an excuse to show off a Richie Allen card.
#90 Orioles infielders. The similar poses work well with the "slash" card design. Slashes as a card design - what a concept! (For the record I don't hate the '21 design but the player name is much too small.)
#99 Belters. Some pretty damn good belting from this quartet.
#111 Gary and Garin. We know Garin has a brother Gavin. Does Gary have a brother Gavy?
#160 Yankees pitchers. Pineda was no Ford but he's better than most of the Yankees starters now.
#199 Clubbers. For all that clubbing there's only one club combined in these photos.
#234 Yankees rookies. 
#288 Rookie stars. Again just showing off a pretty good one.
#310 star Oriole outfielders. Would have been cool if they put Jones in a generic red jersey.
#325 Indians outfielders with similar poses.
#330 Dodgers outfielders with similar poses
#332 catchers named Brian/Bryan


  1. Frank Robinson was a stud. But he loses to the Mossi, which is an all-time classic.

  2. That Whitey Ford is an awesome card. They should have had CC do the same pose for card #160.