Tuesday, June 2, 2020

7-Day Trading Card Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 of the Cardpocalypse Challenge: Best hobby trend to emerge this year. Eventually this might change to all of the new blogs coming out, once it becomes easier for me to trade with them. But for now I have to go with all of the amazing giveaways going on around the blogosphere. It's incredible what people have to give away, often nicer than the nicest things in my collection, like really old vintage, autographs/relics, other high end cards. Being a more omnivorous collector than most, I don't have much of that kind of thing to give away, I have to save what little extra I have for trades! For that reason I have never done a giveaway myself, except once when I tied a "Little Fun Game" to one of my trade-a-thons.

I won't be sending out large packages anytime soon, which is too bad because I love doing so. But due to my location and family health issues, I have to be firmer about staying away from places like the post office than most of you for now. However, I am happy to say that my "test" PWEs have successfully been received and I am now going to start sending them out en masse. I've never done a zipcode post before, but if you see yours in the list below you should see a PWE with 10-15 cards in it soon - I put them in the mailbox last night.
For some of you it will be the first of multiple PWEs. Mr. Haverkamp and Mr. Nightowl, your large boxes of starter sets will have to wait a while longer. For some others of you I have larger packages planned eventually, some with some non-baseball-card items I hope you might enjoy.

What if, hypothetically, I did do some kind of giveaway when things open up again? Do I even have anything to give away that people would want?

Beat-up vintage, shiny newer cards, junk wax stars? Non-baseball? Non-sports?
 Maybe some bulkier stuff, postage permitting?
Let me know what you like best in giveaways in the comments. Unlike some bloggers I don't have a bunch of spare '56's or stuff like that, but of the stuff you are seeing in the giveaways so far, what do you gravitate towards?


  1. You'd have to decide on your own what the best method of a giveaway/contest for you would be, but I can tell you from personal experience though that almost any vintage cards will draw interest, no matter what condition they're in. I've been able to giveaway pretty much anything vintage, some of which has been in atrocious condition. And I suspect that unopened packs of just about anything would go over pretty well too, as collectors always enjoy opening things, even if they don't need it, or aren't collecting it. Oh, and congrats on completing the challenge, in 7 days no less!

  2. People enjoy free stuff. Doesn't matter if you're giving away a 1988 Topps Greg Minton base card or a pack of Pro Set MusiCards. I say design a giveaway that suits you.