Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This is not junk wax

I often get cards from my want list in trades. However almost nobody gets to the very bottom of the list - variations from junk-wax era sets that I have otherwise completed. So I was pleasantly surprised to get a package from Corky of Pack War that knocked out a bunch of those needs. Here are some highlights:

The red border around Robin Ventura is gray on the left.
 It's pretty hard to manage an upside-down SS, but Upper Deck managed to do so in the position box on Gary Sheffield's card.
 Meanwhile, on Brian Downing's card, they omitted the position completely!
 #48 is Rich Thompson, not Andy McGaffigan.
 Here Upper Deck saw the H on the back of the card and thought it was Holton. It's actually Hillegas. At least they knew it wasn't Hershiser.
 Corky also saw that I needed just three more 1979 Burger King Yankees, and sent me them all! It's always a thrill to get a playing-days card of Thurman Munson.
 Finally, this great Don Mattingly/Simpsons custom. Thanks Corky!


  1. Sweet Burger King cards! But not quite as sweet as that Simpson Mattingly custom.