Saturday, July 15, 2017

Baseball card stories from Casey Fossum

Casey Fossum pitched nine seasons in the major leagues, mostly for the Red Sox and Devil Rays. In 237 games he went 40-53 with 607 strikeouts and a 5.45 ERA. He kindly shared with me his thoughts on baseball cards.

"I used to be a big collector of baseball cards. My best card, which is still in my safe is a Kirby Puckett rookie. I also have the tops 1986 traded series. I am disappointed on how the values of the cards have dropped since the early 90's. I always arranged my cards by teams in alphabetical order when I was a kid. My favorite card was my Will Clark rookie and the Billy Ripken with the profanity on his bat.
(photo courtesy of Casey Fossum)

My first baseball card of myself was in Sarasota and I decided to hold a Bat even though I was a pitcher. My good friend Josh Hancock, had his big jacket on even though we were in Florida. We liked to have fun with baseball card poses in the minors, they took it way more serious in the big leagues. "

Hancock, a member of the 2006 Cardinals World Series team, passed away in 2007.
Here is a card of Fossum from my collection.

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