Sunday, July 9, 2017

More Scoring Than the Real World Cup

I was fortunate to participate in Willinghammer Rising's World Cup of Trading. Here is what I got:

I'm blown away by the 1950 cards I've gotten lately. This puts me up to seven 1958 cards now in my collection. Beautiful.
 These came out sideways but it's late and I'm not fixing it. The Trevor Bauer autograph is a refractor which looks really nice. The other is a numbered parallel of a Josh Johnson card.
I picked a couple of stacks and they are fantastic. Both were about 150 cards.

One stack was all rookies. I remember when this card was as iconic and desirable as it gets. I already had it so it is up for trade if someone wants it.
 Here is a very early Barry Bonds card.
 Some great Yankees in this stack, like a pre-rookie Bernie Williams wearing unfamiliar #25 . . .
 . . . and this beautiful Mariano Rivera card.

The other stack was inserts and parallels. Lots of beautiful cards here as well.

I picked the stack because this was the card on top. Can't ever pass up a Jeter!
 Lots of shiny red parallels.
 The old picture looks weird with all the modern bells and whistles.
 LOVE these pointillism-refractors from Bowman (don't know what they're actually called)
 Boring 2007 Topps looks much better with these colored boxes.
 The iridescent green looks like the skin of a lizard.
 Topps is stealing from Score here - I'd never heard of Topps Gold Rush.
 I'd never seen red bordered 2004 Topps before either. Nice!

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