Friday, July 14, 2017

1993 Studio Barry Bonds

Hobbies are weight lifting, martial arts and dancing: Here is a 2002 profile from Muscle & Fitness magazine detailing Bonds’s workout routine including all of his exercises and supplements.
In 2015 he danced on the stage with the band Earth, Wind & Fire.

Favorite player as a kid was Willie Mays: Bonds’s father and Mays were close friends, and Mays was Barry’s godfather. Here is a selfie Bonds took with Mays, while Mays was asleep.

His dad, Bobby is now a Giant’s coach: Error card! There should not be an apostrophe there.

His mother, Pat is the greatest influence in his life: Bobby Bonds married the girl next door when they were 17; son Bobby was born a year later, two weeks before Bobby signed his professional contract with the Giants.

Where he is now: Special advisor to the CEO of the Giants.

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