Monday, July 10, 2017

Big Fun Breakdown

I was fortunate to just squeeze in to the Baseball Card Breakdown Big Fun Game and got a very generous prize package.

The main theme was minis - there was a nice selection of mini cards both "legit" and custom.
But Gavin included so many generous extras that was about as many cards as the minis, and they were really great.

I'm guessing Bunt comes in blue parallels? I'm really liking the design on the Bunt cards.
 Check out this vintage beauty - 1973 Topps Steve Carlton. 1972 was when he had one of the best all-time seasons of any pitcher, so to me this is a really cool card to get.
 Here is a weird one - eight different cards of Padres minor league trainer Todd Hutcheson. Well, I am the guy to go to for minor league weirdness!
 A partial set of 1979 Burger King Yankees. I had most of the set already, so have quite a few available for trade now. Some I did need however, including the Tommy John on top. The only ones I don't have now are Thurman, Reggie and Goose.
 A whole slew of recent Yankees cards.
 Finally some random Padres, including a nice 1984 minor league card of Carney Lansford's brother.

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