Friday, July 7, 2017

Cards from Rich Niessen

You may have noticed that not every participant in the Little Fun Game was a blogger. I included a few people I have traded with before who have websites but not blogs. One of these is Rich Niessen, who trades on the Old Baseball site - you can find his wantlist here.

Rich sent me some cards in advance of what promises to be a very large trade, hitting my wantlists for a bunch of sets.

He completed two sets for me.  1992 Leaf was completed with this random Angel . . .
 . . . and 2012 Topps was completed with this random Angel.
 He also got me closer to completion on a lot of other sets, like 1996 Donruss . ..
 . . . 2014 Topps . . .
 . . . and 1994 Upper Deck. As you can see there were a lot of big stars in what he sent me.

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