Friday, July 21, 2017

1993 Studio Bobby Bonilla

Hobby is home computers: The phrase “home computer” seems to have gone extinct somewhere around the late 1990s. Bonilla attended technical college for a semester due to his interest in computers, before signing his baseball contract.

Favorite sports announcer is Bob Costas: Costas was the announcer for the 1997 World Series, in which Bonilla hit a key home run.

Most prized possession is his ’92 Harley Davidson Fatboy: A Bonilla-autographed Harley gas tank went up for auction last year.

Might have been an electrician if he hadn’t been an athlete: Bonilla’s father, Roberto, was an electrician. According to several profiles of Bonilla he idolized his father and while he would help his father out on jobs when he was a kid, he never had a desire to pursue that path himself.

Pet peeve is when people don’t say “please” when asking for an autograph: The website Ultimate Mets Database always has great fan stories about interactions with Mets players. There are several stories on Bonilla’s page about him rudely refusing autograph requests, but another that said “I met him a couple times when he was with the Mets at road games though in Houston and both times he game me and my little brother autographs even though he look at us kinda sideways at first. He said it was because I said please.”

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