Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Aaron Judge autograph, '55 Bowman, random awesomeness - and an a**hole

Matt of Summer of '74 had an Aaron Judge autograph burning a hole in his pocket, so I traded him a few thousand Topps base cards to jump start that part of his collection. Who knows how long Judge can keep this up, but he's the most fun Yankee to watch in a long, long time.
 Matt was also going to throw in a few extra cards. I wasn't expecting - or asking for - much, so boy was I surprised by the hundreds of cards he sent me. Some highlights:
A 1955 Bowman! Danny O'Connell played twelve seasons in the major leagues.
 A Gary Sheffield uniform card!
 Another autograph! Chris Smith played two seasons in the Yankees organization.
 A complete set of 1988 Fleer World Series.
 Finally, most of the 1990 Pacific Senior League set! There is one card in that set that is very famous and I am very happy to get in my collection. Not familiar with it?
 Take a closer look at the bat handle. Here's an interview with Nettles from Freedom Cardboard where he claims the bat was his and he was unaware of the profanity.

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