Monday, June 5, 2017

Wallet Card at a billboard for the Blossom Heath Inn

Here is another wallet card photo that I think is cool - I am happy from the comments on yesterday's post that a few others are enjoying these as well. The Blossom Heath Inn was a Long Island restaurant that opened in 1916 known as the "most notorious roadhouse on the South Shore". A speakeasy during Prohibition, known for raucous parties and falling-down drunks, it was raided and shut down in 1929. (The restaurant was located in Lynbrook, and as a former resident I can't resist noting that raucous parties and falling-down drunks are still a constant in that town. So glad to be gone!)

This billboard was on the side of a house on Long Beach Road in Island Park, several miles down the road from the Inn. The sign was covered with siding for generations. The house was heavily damaged during Hurricane Sandy and a recent buyer is repairing and remodeling the house; soon the sign will be covered up again.
I could not get a close-up shot as another house was built in front of the sign; still, you can see the faded letters in the photo. You can see a closer picture in the article linked above.

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