Monday, June 26, 2017

Little Fun Game

There has been great response to my trade-a-thon and Little Fun Game. 22 people have agreed to participate which will be great for me in getting cards out to people and getting new cards in. One thing I should reiterate, as everyone dives into my wantlists, are that those wantlists are just the beginning of what I am interested in. Basically, anything post-1998 that is not Topps base is useful for me (and I actually have virtually nothing from 2017, including base). But I also LOVE oddballs from earlier, and even minor league cards (though I have most of the major sets from the late-80s early-90s). I am very happy to just get a random assortment of cards with wide variety - don't feel like my wantlist needs to be the first place you go.

Now, on to the Little Fun Game. While I don't have the kind of big prizes that the BFGs have had, hopefully people will like the prizes I have here well enough. The BFG was originally started by Napkin Doon several years ago, then recently revived by Jaybarkerfan. It has gone viral since then, with John Miller, All Trade Bait All The Time and Baseball Card Breakdown recently doing it. I'll copy the rules from BCB's version: "There are the same number of mystery prizes as players of the game. We go down the list of players, when it's your turn, you can pick a number (between 1 and 22 in this particular case), or you can steal a previously chosen prize. A prize can only be stolen twice, then it's locked in by whoever stole it the 2nd time. The player who just had their item stolen then gets to choose again, which could be a new mystery number or a steal, but you can't steal back what was just stolen from you." I'm not going to do a strict 24-hour time limit, but if someone is non-responsive for more than a day or two I will have to remove.

Here is the list of people who are participating, with what they will be getting from the trade-a-thon:

MiJohn – cards from wantlist
Ben H. – cards from wantlist
Matthew S. – Pirates
Julie O. – Tigers, Piazza, Daulton
Dalton1 222 – cards from wantlist
Tom T. – Bowman Angels, 12 Bowman Platinum, 06 Fleer Tradition, 08 UD Timeline, miscellany
Peter S. – Strawberry, Kruk
Richard N.– cards from wantlist
Om Sports42 – Dodgers, Hall-of-Fame reprints, cards from wantlist
Zeprock – cards from wantlist
JWillden27 – Red Sox, catchers, basketball
SpastikMooss – soccer, golf, other misc. sports
Adam K. – Rockies, Coors Field, Stadium Club, Ultra, Opening Day
Baseball Card Breakdown – cards from PCs
Corky – Griffey, Buhner
Mike M. – Blue Jays, Expos, ’92 Donruss
Scott Crawford – cards from wantlist
Scott O. – Ripken
Matt P. – Topps base
Night Owl – Dodgers, 81 Fleer, 03 Finest
Ketchupman36 – cards from wantlists
Matt S. – cards from wantlists, Smoltz, Maddux, Glavine, Teheran, Newcomb

I took the list of 22 players and randomized it to create the order:
Peter S. of Baseball Every Night - you are up first! Pick a number between 1-22 to get the game started!


  1. whew! thought I had missed out! I've had company the last two nights and haven't been on the blogs! Thanks for the cards and game!