Monday, June 19, 2017

1993 Studio Bernard Gilkey

Hobby is music: There is a song called “Soft and Silky, Bernard Gilkey” from a band called Dr. Chompski & The Grey People.

Favorite sports announcers are Jack Buck and Dick Vitale: Buck was the Cardinals announcer when Gilkey played there. Dick Vitale might have had a chance to broadcast a Gilkey game too – Gilkey had signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Drake but instead chose baseball when the Cardinals signed him.

Favorite player as a kid was Lou Brock: Gilkey grew up in the St. Louis area, getting to play for his hometown team.

Might have been a sports announcer if he hadn’t been an athlete: He did not go into broadcasting after his playing career ended.

Pet peeve is messy things: Sounds reasonable.

Where he is now: He is home raising his children. His deferred-money contract with the Diamondbacks, whom he last played for in 2000, expires this season.

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