Sunday, June 4, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Collection: Day 30

"Your favorite card in your collection." I don't know that I have one favorite card, but I've really been enjoying doing the wallet card photos. I know that few people do them anymore, and probably not everyone gets what I'm doing. I'm really the only regular wallet card poster now, so seeing this negative comment on another blog was disheartening as it was very likely talking about my posts. Hey, a blog is primarily for the blogger and I enjoy doing these photos, documenting leftover anachronisms that are years and often decades old. A few days later I got a positive comment on my own blog by Billy Kingsley which made me feel better. I have a couple more wallet card posts coming up - I like them even if few others might. But then I might scale down a bit on it. Still, it's been a great deal of fun and something I will always have my eye out for.


  1. Like Billy, I love the wallet card posts too, even if I don't comment that often. I hope you keep them coming!

  2. I personally enjoy your wallet card photos more than most posts on other blogs. Being into history a bunch will do that, I suppose.

    Keep up the wallet card, and thanks for taking part in the 30-day baseball card challenge!

  3. I echo the above comments. The wallet card posts are great to see where you have been, especially in a place like NYC with a lot of history