Sunday, June 4, 2017

Big fun cards

Here are the cards I got from Johnny's Trading Spot's generous version of the Big Fun Game.

This was the card I won - a Matt Kemp pin card. Apparently that is actually a pin, not sure how it comes out and not going to try. Nice card.
 He threw in some extra packs! One was for 1990 Upper Deck. Its a set I've completed, but it was one of those "Find the Reggie" packs so I opened it yesterday. Sure enough there was a Reggie, and it was one that I did not have. Cool!
 And there were two packs of 2016 Opening Day, which is great because I didn't have any. That Mrs. Met card sure is timely right now. And that Avisail Garcia is a shiny parallel. Nice! Thanks for the cards, Johnny!

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  1. Thanks for playing! BTW, another one of these is brewing at ATBATT. + a contest at a Cracked Bat