Friday, September 9, 2011

Monster trade with Scott Crawford

Yesterday I got my half of a huge trade with Scott Crawford. Over 6000 cards are changing hands. We've been discussing this trade for weeks (months? years?) and each time it got delayed by weather, car trouble, etc., we kept adding more to the trade. (As an aside, Scott shared with me some good tips about packing cards for huge trades - "Using 500 count boxes, you can get 3000 cards into a large flat-rate box. Using 660s, you can get 1980 into a medium flat rate box.")

The cards Scott sent me represented a great mixture of cards. Sure, there were several hundred 1987 Topps used to balance out the weight and fill the flat rate box. (Anyone actually need any '87 Topps cards? Once in a while I do come across someone who needs some.) However, the other 2000+ cards were a fantastic blend of older and newer cards. There were great late-90s sets like 1998 Fleer, with guitar legend Bernie Williams.

There were goofy minor league cards, like Scott Pitcher the Pitcher. (Yes, that's really his name. Sadly he never got above AA.)

However, my clear favorite was an almost-complete set of 1978 SSPC Yankee yearbook cards. This set is so great that even a hardcore Yankeephobe like Night Owl likes them. Two particular cards I'll highlight are my first ever card of Thurman Munson that dates from his playing days,

and Graig Nettles. One of these highlights is from the day I was born.

Interestingly, all of the cards had perforations on the edges and blue boxes on the back. However, there was also a second Bucky Dent with no perforations and a black box on the back. Anyone familiar with what that variation is?


  1. Glad you like your stuff. I photographed the raw boxes last night, so I am working toward an actual post about this deal.

    No idea on the other Bucky. Anything in the Standard Catalog? I'm not awake enough to crack my copy open just yet.

    Good luck digging up a Paul Blair (from what I saw on the usual sites, there are some available for sale). I actually found one locally, at a thrift shop near me of all places.

    Pro tip on packing them for next time (because we probably will do this again at some point, since we're nuts), or for anyone looking to do this (God help 'em): try to sneak in cardboard sheets on all 4 sides for extra padding. One part of the Priority box took a hit getting here, messing up a corner on 10-15 '87 Donruss commons (oh noes!), and that can probably be avoided with an extra layer of cardboard. Don't sweat the hit, Bo, as we're talking about around a dozen cards out of over 3000, but for future reference, we know how these boxes travel in the hands of those brutes in the Postal Service, so we can probably refine things a bit. =)

    For those concerned, the '87 Juan Nieves was unharmed.

  2. I actually packed the box in the exact same way you packed yours - I literally just took your cards out and put mine in. There weren't any extra cardboard layers. I'll do that next time though. Anyway, check out my tradelist and see if there any of those 87 Donrusses on there - if there are I'll send them to you.

  3. No worries at all. I know how I packed mine, and I'm glad that your stuff got there OK in light of it. Like I said, these were '87 Donruss commons so it's not like a '52 Mantle got dinged or something, and now we know for next time.