Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rags and other riches from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

Recently I wrote about the three on-card autographed cards in my collection. SpastikMooss at the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame decided that was insufficient for a self-respecting blogger and immediately sent me six autographed cards, thus tripling my total! He also sent me some of his duplicate Fred McGriffs and 1990 Donrusses.

My favorite, of course, is this Dave Righetti from 1989 Donruss. "Rags" was easily the best pitcher on the late 1980s Yankees, so much so that NY headline writers would call the Yankee pitching staff "Righetti and Meatballs." This card has an interesting provenance - SpastikMooss recently won this card from Omega Cardboard. So this will be the third blog a picture of this exact card will be on in just over a month.

He also sent me four of his winnings from Padrographs.
Andy Benes won 155 games over 14 big league seasons, mostly with the Padres and Cardinals.

Adam Eaton has won 71 games in his ten year major league career. This year he was 3-5 for Baltimore and Colorado.

Heath Murray pitched in parts of four major league seasons, going 2-15 with a 6.41 ERA.

Greg Sain was the Padres fifth round draft choice in 2001, but retired from pro baseball in 2007 without making the majors.

Finally, here's an autographed 1988 Donruss Curt Ford. He played six years in the major leagues, mostly for the Cardinals. He was a .245 lifetime hitter who hit .318 in the 1987 playoffs.

Thanks, SpastikMooss! There are some Gary Sheffields, Bob Walks, Red Sox, and other oddities on their way to you!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! The Righetti card is definitely well traveled now, but he'll have a much better time in the collection of a Yankee fan than that of a Red Sox fan.