Thursday, November 26, 2009

Baseball card stories from Eric Valent

Eric Valent played five years in the major leagues for the Phillies, Reds and Mets. His best season was 2004, when he hit .267 with 13 home runs and 34 RBI for the Mets. He is currently a scout in the Phillies organization, and kindly took the time to share his stories about baseball cards.

"One of the cards I liked was from Just. It was during my AA year in Reading. The faint picture of the coach in the background was at the time, Akron manager Eric Wedge.
I don't really have a favorite card of myself. One of my cards jumping up against the wall was when I first got drafted. I should have put my spikes on instead of my turf shoes. I was just throwing the ball up against the wall and the photographer was taking pictures.
I used to collect a lot of baseball cards as a kid. From minor league team sets, to every Don Mattingly card available. He was my favorite player as a kid growing up."

Thanks! Mattingly was my favorite, too.


  1. I love reading these!

    It's nice to know the story behind the leaping 1999 Topps card... I'd been curious since I first saw it.

    Interesting trivia note: Eric Valent hit for the cycle on July 29, 2004 as a New York Met.

  2. That 1999 Topps card had me fooled. Neat story.