Saturday, November 28, 2009

If you like Bob Walk. . .

I recently sent SpastikMooss of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame a whole bunch of Bob Walk cards because that is one of the players he collects. I was curious as to why a Bob Walk collection, as people with player collections usually pick big stars. He said it was because he always looked goofy or wacky on his cards. When I think of a player who consistently has a goofy or wacky expression on his face, I think of another late 80s - early 90s pitcher, Mark Portugal.

Particularly, I thought of these two nearly identical poses:

But there are other great ones like these - check out the reverse farmers tan on his glove hand on the SP card:

Unfortunately, I don't have dupes to trade. However, SpastikMooss, if that whetted your appetite (and I won't be offended if it didn't), these are the dupe Portugals I do have to trade.
[Oh, and by the way, SpastikMooss was the only one interested in my "trade your untradeables" idea. Am I really the only collector out there with cards that aren't mint?]

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